William Barton + Veronique Serret + Aunty Delmae Barton


William is a didgeridoo master, widely recognised as one of Australia’s greatest didgeridoo players and composers. Veronique is classically trained but totally off the rails on electric violin. And Aunty Delmae fuses Aboriginal spirituality with operatic singing and story (and also happens to be Will’s mum).

William Barton + Veronique Serret
Saturday 18 January, 3.454.45pm
Annexe Theatre, Festival Hub, Inveresk
William + Veronique Duo
Sunday 19 January, 4.45pm
Traverser Stage, Festival Hub, Inveresk
Included in Festival Pass $89–$139 + booking fee
Included in relevant day pass $29–$69 + booking fee