Theresa Sainty + Sharnie Read


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Sharnie, Theresa and Zoe write:

Kunanyi is not just a mountain. Kunanyi is the centre of connection of nipaluna (Hobart). From the summit, in the skies—to the waterfalls that become creeks and rivulets that flow into larger rivers, that flow into the ocean—connecting milaythina wurangkili (Sky Country) with land, with waterways and the seas, and with her people. Visible from great distances, kunanyi was more than an important landmark for Pakana ancestors. Many stories and songlines relating to navigation, creation and what the mountain represents were passed down over generations—over panupiri, withi mapali: many suns and moons.

PANUPIRI, WITHI MAPALI provides a pathway of sharing the light and spirit of kunanyi, entwining both traditional and contemporary sensory engagement, and providing strong connections to country, sky and water. These stories, shared by Pakana women Theresa Sainty and Sharnie Read, are an integral and deeply meaningful part of the ongoing cultural connection and history of Lutruwita and of the Pakana people. PANUPIRI, WITHI MAPALI shares the cultural practice of combining story with our physical connection through the use of darkness, light, sound and environment that allows us to connect the story to the inner spirit of all who take the time to listen, share and learn.

This audio work is accompanied by a new laser design from Robin Fox, and will alternate with Robin’s BEACON over the course of the evening. Download the app, find somewhere good to watch and listen, and engage with ‘stories, sound, light and dark’.

Friday 28–Sunday 30 January, 9.30–12am, alternating with BEACON


Hobart, Clarence and surrounds

Artists: Theresa Sainty + Sharnie Read
Sound by Andrew Phipps
Curated by Zoe Rimmer + Trudi Brinckman
Lasers by Robin Fox
Image by Tim Cooper 2021

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