King Ubu

Mona Foma + Terrapin


Come one, come all, to our natural amphitheatre of rock and water (aka the Gorge) for a larger-than-life puppet extravaganza based on Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi: a wild satire of power and greed from nineteenth-century France, updated here for modern-day Launceston.

It’s a rollicking tale for the times—the story of a raging buffoon and wannabe dictator on a revolutionary rampage. ‘And it’ll be bigger than Ben Hur,’ says Festival Dad Brian Ritchie. But with more puppets and stuff, including performances by the local Launnie community and live music by Ritchie and his musical mates.

Writer / Dramaturg: Willoh S. Weiland

Director: Sam Routledge

Musical Director: Brian Ritchie

Sound Artist: Dylan Sheridan

Musical Arrangements: Dean Stevenson

Band: Dean Stevenson, Emily Sanzaro, Spike Mason and Yyan Ng

Puppet Maker: Bryony Anderson

Costume Designer: Sabio Evans

Onesie Designer: Adele Varcoe

Cast: Kris McQuade, John Xintavelonis, Denni Proctor, Marcus McKenzie, Anna Barber, Lucy McDonald and Lauren Neal

Puppeteers: Felicity Horsley, Shannon McGurgan and Rachel Ogle

Props: Denni Proctor and Gabbee Stolp

Producers: Mona Foma and Insite Arts

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Department of Communications and the Arts’ Festivals Australia program and the City of Launceston Event Sponsorship Program
Wednesday 15Friday 17 January, 89.10pm (roll up from 7pm)
First Basin, Cataract Gorge

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